I am going out of town!

It’s true!

Tomorrow morning, I am getting up to drive to Seattle with Alice, Tyler, and Susanna. There, we will ‘hang around’, until it is time to travel to Woodinville for the FREAKING BEN FOLDS CONCERT. I love him.

Then, we will stay the night at Silverton friend Leanne’s house in Seattle, before heading off to the EMP with the Old Scotch youth group.

Crazy, I know! It’s going to be pretty good, I think!

Pretty good indeed!



I need to shave.


Well, I finished Superstud, the new book by Paul Feig (the author of Kick Me). It was pretty good, but failed to recapture the madcap hilarity of the first book. I think the overt sexual tone of the book ended up wearing on me by the end, too. I mean, I expected it, but I thought there would be enough laughs to even it out.

So, I’m taking it back to Borders. Why do I need to own a book I’m never going to read again?

I know, I know. I bought the book, read the whole thing, and now I’m taking it back. It’s the sort of thing that seems kind of slimy to me, too. But now I have an excuse to use store credit to buy something more enjoyable.


Coheed and Cambria just got added to the CMJ Music Marathon in New York! Woo! I finally get a chance to see these guys live.

So now, here’s the list of bands I have to see there:
The Arcade Fire
Coheed and Cambria
The Dandy Warhols
Motion City Soundtrack
The Receiving End of Sirens
Something for Rockets

Plus, there’s a bizarre new comedy at the FilmFest with Vince Vaughn (Thumbsucker. I’m not making this up).

Oh, and the keynote speaker is Rev Run of Run-DMC. You know, they did ‘Tricky’ and ‘Walk This Way’.

And it’s in New York. New York!

If you want to see more information about this event, check it out here: http://www.cmj.com/marathon/

Basically, I can’t believe Whitworth is paying to send me to this.


The following are currently outlawed, in case you didn’t know:

LOL (and variants)
tYPiNg lIkE THiS
Anime-style emoticons (except Kirby)
Pretty much all emoticons are off-limits except :) and :(
Oh, and <3 is okay too.


Someday, I’m going to DJ a dance party where we only listen to Basement Jaxx, U.S.E., and Daft Punk. Nothing else is allowed.

Or necessary, really.